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Electric Motors
      Electric Motors
  L95 Electric Motor 140 1.5 - 3 volts
  This motor is most suitable for the very small craft.
  Speed is approximately 7000 rpm using 3 volts
  L96 Electric Motor 240 3-6 volts
  Ideal power plant for the L90 propeller, shaft & tube. Fast and economical.
  Speed is approximately 10,000 rpm using 6 volts.
  E38 Electric Motor 383 3-6 Volts
  This motor has a 2.3mm output shaft. Great power plant for scale models
  up to 1 metre long. Approximate speed is 13,000rpm using 6 volts.
  E68 Electric Motor 683
  540 type motor suitable for the larger model or for those interested in speed.
      The output shaft is 3.17mm and the speed is approximately 15,000 using 7.2 volts