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Side Thruster & Water Pump
      Side Thruster
  Side Thruster  
  Side thrusters, sometimes referred to as bow thrusters, are used to move a vessel sideways and so
  allow for easy docking or to assist in steering a course. The unit is designed to sit just below the
  waterline of your model and depending on the rotation of the motor will force the water through theĀ 
  side thruster either to the port or starboard side. One radio controlled servo, operating two switches,
  is all that is required to alter the direction of water flow through these units.
  Using 6 volts these units pump a lot of water.
  ST38G Side Thruster Powered By 383 Motor
  Diameter of inlet/outlet tube is 9.5mm
  Water Pump  
  This water pump is ideal for the fast removal of water and for use in water cannons on model fire
  fighting vehicles and vessels. This unit will send a jet of water approximately 8 metres
  when powered by a 7.2 volt nicad battery pack.
    WP10 High Pressure Water Pump 6 to 12 Volts